A Samrter, Larger, Cooler Life is waiting

Rising as a premium gated residential cluster of six uber stylish blocks spread over an intelligently landscaped layout.

It's about a lavish floor space that lets you live life king size. It's about a range of amenities no stand-alone project can offer.

Sunshine comes streaming in through the long windows. Luxury turns into an everyday experience within and beyond the walls of your Trendset Inspiria apartment.

There's value. And there's value enhanced.

There's a future. And there's a future more rewarding.

There's life. And there's life appreciated.

Quite simply, you are always a cut above at Trendset Inspiria on Road no. 13, Banjara Hills.


Master Plan

  • 4966Sq. Yds
  • 4596sft Open Space
  • 3 Blocks
  • 2 Celllars+GR+ 4Floors
  • 30 Units


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Road no. 13, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad